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Display teas are produced specifically to be enjoyed for their beauty as well as their flavour and aroma. During China’s Cultural Revolution (1966-1977) the authorities discouraged the production of these teas, considering them to be a symbol of bourgeois society. Towards the end of the Revolution they began to support their production, because government officials and the growing affluent enjoyed receiving and giving these as gifts.


Display teas are produced from a clonal tea variety developed by the Keemun Tea Research Institute and the Anhui Academy of Agricultural in 1955. This clonal variety offers a longer leaf size, good colour and long-lasting taste, which does not become bitter with extended steeping.


“Flower Among the Tea” is produced in Anhui Province. An outer layer of Silver Needles white tea is wrapped and tied around a lotus blossom. A tiny piece of stem is attached to the end of the string, so that the blossom will stay upright and floating when steeped. During the initial steeping phase the leaves slowly open, displaying a beautiful blossom inside. The gradual opening of the leaves reminds one of time-lapse photography as tiny bubbles slowly rise to the surface and the leaves unfurl to reveal the blossom.


Steeping Directions: Best to use a 10-12oz water glass, glass teapot or a “gaiwan” (covered teacups), which allow you to steep, brew and enjoy the appearance of the tea in one vessel. Water temperature can be higher (180F) for the first steeping, in order for the tea to fully open. Lower temperatures should be used for subsequent steepings. Most display teas require about 5 minutes to fully open and can be re-steeped several times, even over several hours or throughout the day.


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