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Okayti (#DJ-322)


Sorry Out Of Stock!

50g / 1.77oz

CAD$   20.00

100g / 3.53oz

CAD$   39.50

250g / 8.82oz

CAD$   97.50

500g / 1.1LB

CAD$ 190.00


A rare speciality tea created from the finest young bushes planted at selected tea estates, in high grown regions of Darjeeling, as per the instruction of the technical and qualified tea tasters who visit Darjeeling gardens from time to time, to achieve the results, as expected by our elite tea connoisseurs, around the globe.


Tea bushes below the age of three years are carefully selected for plucking this delicate one leaf and a bud in the early hours of the morning. These tea leaves are only plucked by a section of highly specialized pluckers who have to take utmost care not to damage the delicate internode of the leaf. A plucker on an average can pluck 200gms of this quality of leaf per day and a maximum of tea pluckers are deployed to bring in this exclusive leaf from the clonal sections of the estate.


These leaves are carefully transported in the plucking baskets itself to the factory so that no damage to the leaf can occur in the process. These leaves are carefully laid out in the withering troughs and controlled air is allowed to wither the leaves for fourteen hours. After the withering process utmost care is taken and the leaf is manually sorted pre rolling to eliminate any dehydrated leaf present.


The leaves are carefully hand rolled very lightly by a team of five women under the best hygienic conditions to initiate the fermentation process. The hand rolling takes 30 to 40 minutes and good care has to be taken so that the tender tip of the leaf is not damaged in the process which is the beauty of the tea.


After rolling, the tea is allowed to ferment slowly on the fermenting tables wherein nature induces the magical flavour. After fermentation the tea is dried under controlled temperature to eliminate the remaining moisture and encapsulate the magical flavour.


The tea is carefully hand sorted, the white bud is only retained and the single leaf remaining is eliminated to get the silver luster look.


The entire vision to create this exclusive white tea was to encapsulate the delicate flavour of these young bushes and the mystical fragrance of the Himalayan winds which Mother Nature has gifted.


It takes a total involvement of 45 workers and six managerial staff to produce 400gms of this exclusive tea in one session of manufacture which is spread over two days from plucking to packing. All the workers at “Okayti Tea Gardens” dedicate this labour of Love to every tea connoisseur in this World.

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