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Branches of Serenity

Branches of Serenity is a very unique oolong tea from our tea farmer in Taiwan. You will only find this oolong at the Tea Centre. This oolong consists of the long stems, sticks, and leaves that are left over once Wen-Shan Bao Zhong has been processed. Branches of Serenity has all the flavour characteristics of our high quality Bao Zhongs, but is lighter and softer. The liquor has a very “silky” sweet note that is very soothing and relaxing. This is an excellent tea to enjoy either hot or cold. It’s perfect for the heat of summer and the cold days of winter. The stems and leaves can be infused several times, each time releasing a slightly different note, but absolutely no bitterness. Branches of Serenity will appeal to the serious oolong connoisseur or to anyone who enjoys the gentleness of a fine green tea.

50g CAD$ 7.00
100g CAD$13.50
300g CAD$35.00


Wen-Shan Bao-Zhong #11-16

   "10% Fermented"

( “ bao zhong”translation is “ wrapped variety ” ) Historically this tea was wrapped in paper to be dried and roasted. Although this is not the method used today the name has been retained.

This hand picked Bao Zhong is grown exclusively in the northern Wen-Shan Mountain region of Taiwan. It is lightly oxidized and shares characteristics with both green and Oolong teas. When you open your bag of Wen-Shan Bao Zhong inhale the fragrance and appreciate the appearance of the full, long, tightly rolled deep green leaves. Once steeped, the leaves produce a light golden-green colour and a smooth, fruity flavour, followed by a sweet aftertaste that lingers and soothes the back of the throat.


50g CAD$   9.50
100g CAD$ 18.50
300g CAD$ 50.00
600g CAD$ 95.00
1.2 kg CAD$ 180.00

Wen-Shan Bao-Zhong #22-08



"50% Fermented"

This is also a hand-picked Bao Zhong grown in the northern Wen Shan Mountain region north of Taipei in Taiwan. It’s leaf is full, long and tightly rolled, like a traditional bao zhong, but is a much darker green in colour, with a blackish hue. Bao Zhong-II has been  oxidized further and also roasted giving it a slight “toasty” undertone.  Once steeped the leaves produce a darker gold-green colour. The flavour is much deeper and fuller than the Bao Zhong- I, but it still retains the sweetness and fruity flavour of Bao Zhong- I. This is the preferred tea of retired people in Taiwan, perhaps due to the bolder flavour.  Therefore it is often called “Lau Ren Cha” - “Older Person’s Tea”.

50g CAD$ 8.00
100g CAD$ 15.50
300g CAD$ 42.00
600g CAD$ 82.00
1.2 kg CAD$ 160.00




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