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Formosa Black Tea   台灣紅茶


Black Nectar


A smooth, sweet, large leaf tea produced only in Taiwan. The dry leaf is long and twisted - beautiful to look at. The leaf is a rich, deep black colour with hints of gold on each tip. Once steeped the leaves unfurl, producing a deep red liquor, with fruity or honey-like flavour notes. This is a light delicate black tea, with hints of the sweetness of a fine green tea. There is absolutely no astringency or “tannin under notes”. Black Nectar is best left clear, as the addition of milk or sugar will cover over the delicate sweetness of this tea. The leaf may be infused several times.






1 kg

CAD$  8.00

CAD$ 15.50

CAD$ 37.50

CAD$ 67.50

CAD$ 130.00



Sun Moon Lake

( Full Leaf Black Tea)


This fantastic black tea is grown in the region around the “pearl” of central Taiwan, “Sun Moon Lake”, the largest natural lake in Taiwan. The leaf is the Assamica variety of the tea tree, usually only grown in the Assam region of India. This is a fully oxidized tea, very black in colour. The dry leaf is large and wiry, with lots of golden tips. The liquor is a lovely amber shade and the flavour is smooth, sweet with no astringency. The leaf can be infused multiply times, releasing flavour each time. This tea can be served with or without milk.  

50g / 1.77oz

CAD$   9.50

100g / 3.53oz

CAD$ 18.50

250g / 8.82oz

CAD$ 45.00

500g / 1.1LB

CAD$ 85.00


FORMOSA Black Tea " Grade A "

50g / 1.77oz

CAD$   3.50

100g / 3.53oz

CAD$   6.50

250g / 8.82oz

CAD$ 15.00

500g / 1.1LB

CAD$ 28.00

1 kg / 2.2LB

CAD$ 54.00