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Four Season Oolong

Four Seasons Oolong-(Si Ji Chun) – This oolong is appropriately named because it’s harvested four times a year – spring, summer, fall and winter. It’s a low grown tea, rather than a high mountain tea like “A-Li-Shan” or “Dong Ding”. It’s grown in many regions of Taiwan. Our “Four Seasons Oolong” has a fresh, floral fragrance and a sweet, gentle, “lilacy” flavour. This is a very smooth oolong, “easy to drink” anytime of the day. It’s in between the “A-Li-Shan” and “Dong Ding” oolong. Its flavour is subtle enough to blend well with other flavours ie. roses, lavender, etc. The liquor is light amber in colour. The dried leaf is small and rolled, but opens into beautiful full leaves once infused. If you’ve never tried an oolong “Four Seasons” is an excellent one to begin with.


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1 kg

CAD$ 7.00

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Four Season Oolong  "Certified Organic"

This is an excellent organic Four Seasons Oolong from the central region of Taiwan. This Four Seasons is from spring 2011 and displays all the characteristics of a high grade oolong. The dried leaf is rolled into small pellets (a little larger than Jing Shuen) and unfurls into medium-sized full leaves once infused. The leaf emits a beautiful, floral fragrance when it’s infused and the flavour is “lilacy” with a wonderful sweet aftertaste. The liquor is a light green with a golden tinge to it. The leaves can be infused multiply times (4 or more) using the gung fu style.


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1 kg

CAD$ 9.50

CAD$ 18.50

CAD$ 45.00

CAD$ 85.00

CAD$ 160.00





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