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Green Tea is the most popular beverage of choice in Japan. Japan is both a major producer and consumer of green tea. An average of 142,977 metric tons of tea leaves are consumed annually in Japan.

When compared to green teas from other countries, Japan teas are easily recognized by their rich, green dark leaves. This is the result of steaming the leaves immediately after plucking and then air-drying them to preserve their freshness. The two-step process captures the flavour, fragrance and beautiful colour of the leaves. The result of this efficient processing is a pleasant and refreshing beverage that is almost like having the leaves plucked directly off the plant.


Ban Cha

Bancha is produced in Shimda, Shizuoka Prefecture, known as “Green Tea Capital”. Ban Cha is a late harvest Sen Cha – leaves are picked in the late summer. The leaves are larger, thicker than spring teas and release a more robust flavour and a“yellowish” colour liquor. Late harvest Sencha is believed to be rich in antioxidants and catechins.

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50g / 1.77oz

CAD$   3.50

100g / 1.77oz

CAD$   6.50

250g / 8.82oz

CAD$ 15.00

500g / 1.1 LB

CAD$ 28.00

1 Kg / 2.2 lb

CAD$ 54.00


Genmai Cha

"Genmai-cha" stands for "brown rice tea". Green tea is blended with roasted, partially puffed rice giving it a "toasty" flavour. Genmaicha is slightly lower in caffeine than other green teas.

50g / 1.77oz CAD$   3.75
100g / 3.53oz CAD$   7.00
250g / 8.82oz CAD$ 16.00
500g / 1.1 LB CAD$ 30.00
1 Kg / 2.2 lb CAD$ 58.00


Genmai Cha (Superior Grade) 玄米茶

"Genmai-cha" stands for "brown rice tea". Genmaicha “Superior Grade” is blended with more roasted rice and a high grade Japanese sencha. It has a stronger “toasty” flavour, but is smoother with a hint of sweetness and no bitterness. A wonderful tea on its own or to accompany any meal.

50g / 1.77oz CAD$   5.00
100g / 3.53oz CAD$   9.50
250g / 8.82oz CAD$ 23.00
454g / 1 LB CAD$ 40.00
1 Kg / 2.2 lb  


Genmai Cha ( Organic ) 有機玄米茶

"Genmai-cha" stands for "brown rice tea". Green tea is blended with roasted, partially puffed rice giving it a "toasty" flavour. Genmaicha is slightly lower in caffeine than other green teas.

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50g / 1.77oz

CAD$   4.00

100g / 3.53oz

CAD$   7.50

250g / 8.82oz

CAD$ 17.50

500g / 1.1 LB

CAD$ 33.00

1 Kg / 2.2 lb



Gyokuro 玉露

Gyokuro is a shade cultivated tea and is considered one of the finest green teas in Japan. Gyokuro has a unique sweetness, since the shade allows the leaves to retain a high Theanine content. Only the first flush (harvest) tea leaves are used for Gyokuro.

50g / 1.77oz

CAD$  15.00

100g / 3.53oz

CAD$  29.50

227g / 1/2 LB

CAD$  65.00




Houji Cha  焙茶

Houji Cha, a toasted, green tea made from Japanese Bancha. "Bancha" means "late harvest". This toasted tea is made from large leaves, stems and stalks. The nut brown leaves infuse to a golden brown liquor with a toasty aroma and a mellow, nutty-earthy taste. Low in caffeine and goes well with meals.

50g / 1.77oz CAD$   7.00
100g / 3.53oz CAD$ 13.50
250g / 8.82oz CAD$ 32.00
500g / 1.1 LB CAD$ 60.00
1 Kg / 2.2 lb CAD$ 118.00


Kuki Cha ()棒茶

Kuki Cha is made of the young twigs that are left over during the Sen Cha refining process. Twigs have a natural sweetness. Many tea drinkers enjoy this tea for its “grassy” notes and light, gentle sweet under notes.

50g / 1.77oz

CAD$   8.00

100g / 3.53oz

CAD$ 15.50

250g / 8.82oz

CAD$ 37.50

454g / 1 LB

CAD$ 60.00


Sencha Asamushi (USDA Certified Organic)

淺蒸有機煎茶  new

Sencha “Asamushi “means “light steamed” sencha. This certified organic Sencha Asamushi is grown in the mountain ravines (Japanese Alps) of the Shizuoka Prefecture. Shizuoka Prefecture is located on the main island of Japan, Honshu and is referred to as the “Green Tea Capital”. The dry leaf of Sencha  Asamushi is quite long and slender and the colour is a deep green. The infused leaves produce a liquor that is light, very clear and more yellow, than green in colour. The flavour of the liquor is light-bodied and vegetal, with grassy notes. The initial sip of the liquor has a slight bite, but the finish is sweet and fresh.  This is a very pleasing, satisfying and traditional Japanese sencha.

50g / 1.77oz

CAD$  9.50

100g / 3.53oz

CAD$ 18.50

250g / 8.82oz

CAD$ 45.00

454 g / 1 lb

CAD$ 80.00


Sencha Fukamushi 深蒸煎茶

Sen Cha, “Fukamushi” refers to the deeper “longer” steaming process. Fukamushi leaves tend to be more broken due to the extra steaming time. This sencha is popular for its perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness.

50g / 1.77oz CAD$   8.00
100g / 3.53oz CAD$ 15.50
250g / 8.82oz CAD$ 37.50
454g / 1 LB CAD$ 60.00


Japan MATCHA Tea Powder

抹茶Matcha is the Japanese ceremonial tea. It is produced by steaming, drying and grinding the Gyokuro tea into a fine powder. It is best prepared in a matcha bowl, adding hot water (not boiling) to the powder and then rapidly beating the mixture with a matcha whisk until a thin layer of green foam appears. The result is a cloudy, green tea with a pungent, sweet begetal flavour. Matcha is also great for cooking. Mix in cakes, muffins, ice cream etc. to add a pleasant green tea flavour.

60g ( With No Tin )


CAD$ 10.00

60g ( With tin )


CAD$ 12.00

100g ( With No Tin )


CAD$ 17.00

100g ( With tin )


CAD$ 20.00

1 Kg / 2.2 lb

CAD$ 100.00

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