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Magisso's Tea Cup


Red dot design award - Honorable mention 2011


Size:6 oz(approx.)

Material: SAN hard plastic (no BPA's)

Colour: Black

Price: CAD$ 19.99

Size:6 oz(approx.)

Material: SAN hard plastic (no BPA's)

Colour: White

Price: CAD$ 19.99


Magisso’s tea cup – combines function and elegance to re-invent the tea cup. Finnish inventor, Laura Bougdanos designed a tilting teacup (tea bowl) to steep and drink your tea from. The bottom of the cup is a triangle - slanted to the left and right rather than flat bottomed. The mouth of the cup is wide, like a bowl. One side has a fine removable mesh filter to put your tea leaves in and the other side leaves lots of room for your water. Tilt your cup to the left and water covers your tea leaves to steep them… then tilt the cup to the right and your leaves are now out of the water.  Your tea is ready to enjoy! The wide mouth of the cup, gives the feeling that you’re sipping your tea from a tea bowl – comforting, soothing, calming.




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