Fu Cha / Probiotic Dark Tea

Fu Cha or “Golden Flower Tea “is a famous, pressed dark tea from Hunan Province in China. It was traditionally only processed during the 3 hottest days of summer according to the Lunar calendar.  It’s a new tea to the Western world, but has been in production in Hunan since the 1860’s. The most important feature of Fu Cha is the “golden flowers” which lace the inside of the brick. The “Golden Flowers” (Eurotium Cristatum) are naturally occurring microorganisms/bacteria which develop during the final fermentation stage of the processing of Fu Cha. The temperature, humidity, and compression of the brick are all closely monitored to ensure the successful growth of the “golden flowers”.  The quality of the brick is determined by the density of “golden flowers” inside the brick.


Fu Cha has a very different flavour profile than Pu ‘Er Tea. Fu Cha has sweet under notes with no earthiness, after taste or astringency. It’s a very straight forward tea and does not linger on your taste buds. It’s a very soothing tea after a heavy, rich meal. Milk can be added to Fu Cha, but it does weaken the pleasant sweetness of the tea.


Many health claims are made about Fu Cha because of the microorganisms that form in the compressed brick. Studies have indicated that Fu Cha may have the following health benefits: (the below is for information only and does not replace the advice of a physician)


Aid in digestion


Metabolize fat


Lower blood sugar


Regulate cholesterol and blood pressure


Antibacterial Properties


Fu Cha is definitely one of the more interesting teas to enter the Western Market recently. It’s unique, but retains all the familiar taste of an excellent black tea. It’s easily accepted and enjoyed by most!

200g Brick: $ 20.00

400g Brick: $ 40.00






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