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Silver Needle

White Tea – Yinzhen

“Exquisite” is the best word to describe this Silver Needle Tea, harvested 2014. The tiny, “silvery” buds are hand picked just before opening, then only steamed and withered. This process has remained almost unchanged since the Tang Dynasty (600-649). The buds have a silky texture from the fine white “down” that covers them. When the tender buds are infused the liquor is a light, clear green colour and the fragrance has a mild “grassy” note. It has the freshest of flavours, slightly savoury, with a sweet under note that lingers at the sides of the tongue. The buds can be infused multiply times, releasing slightly different notes each time.


  50g(1.77oz): CAD$ 18.00

100g(3.56oz): CAD$ 35.00

250g(8.82oz): CAD$ 85.00

500g(1.1lb)   : CAD$ 168.00




White teas are the most delicate of all teas. They are steamed & dried only, so the leave appearance is essentially unaltered. Bai Mu Dan is made from the bud and leave. There is a fine white down that covers the long slender bud. When infused the flavour is slightly smoky and slightly sweet and the cup colour is a pale yellow. This is an excellent Bai Mu Dan, which is great any time of the day or night.


  50g(1.77oz): CAD$   7.00

100g(3.53oz): CAD$ 13.50

250g(8.82oz): CAD$ 32.00

500g(1.1lb)   : CAD$ 58.00


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