23oz Beehouse Tea Pot


These elegant and contemporary, stoneware teapots are fabulous to use. They do not drip and have a convenient removable stainless steel infuser, just right for all loose leaf teas. The stainless steel lid snaps on and off for easy cleaning and since it’s made of stainless steel you never have to worry about dropping it. The high quality glazes do not scratch under normal use, and come in a variety of great colours. They are a great complement to any kitchen or dining room décor.

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Item # : BBN-03
Size: 170 x 110 x 123h / cm
Lid : P-LL
Infuser : P-RI

Additional information

Weight .534 kg
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 12 cm

White, Banana, Yellow Pepper, Sen Cha, Artichoke, Kiwi, Aqua Mist, Blueberry, Turquoise, Eggplant, Rose, Pink, Carrot, Tomato, Black, Noble Black, Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Antique Brown, Antique Green, Jeans Blue, Gelato Grape, Gelato Mint, Gelato Greentea, Gelato Yellow, Gelato Mango, Gelato Vanilla, Crackle Lavender, Crackle Blue, Crackle Green, Crackle Yellow, Crackle Pink, Crackle White, Crackle Purple, Artisan Blue, Artisan Green, Artisan Yellow, Artisan Orange, Artisan Pink, Artisan Brown, Dutch Chocolate


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