Genmai Cha (Superior Grade) 玄米茶


“Genmai-cha” stands for “brown rice tea”. Genmaicha “Superior Grade” is blended with more roasted rice and a high grade Japanese sencha. It has a stronger “toasty” flavour, but is smoother with a hint of sweetness and no bitterness. A wonderful tea on its own or to accompany any meal.

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Green Tea is the most popular beverage of choice in Japan. Japan is both a major producer and consumer of green tea. An average of 142,977 metric tons of tea leaves are consumed annually in Japan.

When compared to green teas from other countries, Japan teas are easily recognized by their rich, green dark leaves. This is the result of steaming the leaves immediately after plucking and then air-drying them to preserve their freshness. The two-step process captures the flavour, fragrance and beautiful colour of the leaves. The result of this efficient processing is a pleasant and refreshing beverage that is almost like having the leaves plucked directly off the plant.

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