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Hattialli is a very robust, full-bodied high quality orthodox tea from th Upper Assam region. The dry leaf is full of golden tips and has a deep “woodsy” aroma. When steeped the leaf produces a rich red liquor. The liquor has a distinct “malty” note and is hearty enough to take milk and sugar. This is a fabulous morning or afternoon tea, strong enough to get you going first thing or pick you up from a mid-afternoon slump. A rich, traditional orange pekoe!

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Assam District / India

Located in northeast India, the Assam Valley lies 120 miles east of Darjeeling on the border with China, Burma and Bangladesh. There are some absolutely outstanding teas grown in this region, which produces more than 1,500,000 pounds of tea annually.

Assam tea has a first and second flush. The first flush has a rich, hearty, full-bodied flavor and aroma. The second flush produces the famous “tippy” teas (black tea with golden tips). The golden tip lessens the astringent characteristics of the tea. Assam teas can have a malty aroma, with a slight sweet, honey fragrance. They are excellent morning teas, which can often be enhanced with the addition of milk.

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