Jasmine Silvery Pearl (Dragon’s Pearl)


This is one of the finest jasmine teas you will experience. The fine whole leaves are scented with fresh jasmine blossoms and then rolled into individual “pearls” to lock in the flavour. Some tea connoisseurs like to steep 12 to 20 “pearls” in a clear mug and watch the pearls gracefully unfurl. This superb jasmine tea can be infused 3-4 times releasing a unique flavour with each infusion.

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China is famous for its “Ten Thousand Teas”, a poetic number to suggest the abundance of teas produced in China, the majority of which are green. Green tea is consumed throughout the day in China; enjoyed as a social beverage, appreciated as a source of health and offered to guests as a sign of respect.

China green teas are traditionally pan-fried, which prevents the leaves from oxidizing (usually called fermenting), which occurs during the production of black teas. Chinese green teas are known for their subtle and complex flavours and refreshing aromas. They are rich in Vitamin C and generally smoother than black or other green teas. Unlike black teas they can be infused 3-4 times by adding 1 minute to each steeping.

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