Snow Shan Red Tea (organic)


Our organic Vietnam Tea is from the northern mountain regions of Vietnam. It is a specialty tea of the Tay, Gia and Mong indigenous groups.

Snow Shan (Mountain) Red Tea (organic) – This organic black tea is grown in the mountainous north west and northern provinces of Dien Bien and Lao Cai, Vietnam. This area is very close to Yunnan China the home of ancient tea trees. Snow Mountain tea is hand picked from tall old growth tea trees (100-200years old) which grow at elevations of over 1,000m. The Snow Mountain tea varietal has long leaves and giant white tea buds which are covered with a fine white down. This tea is steamed and oxidized to about 70%. When the leaf is infused it produces a deep red liquor which is smooth to the tongue and has subtle sweet, honey notes. There is absolutely no astringency to the tea and it is best enjoyed clear without the addition of milk or sweetener. The leaf can be infused several times.

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