Tulsi “Queen of Herbs”


The legendary “Incomparable One” of India, is renowned for its religious and spiritual sanctity, as well as for its role in the traditional Ayurvedic and Unani systems of holistic health and herbal medicine. Tulsi has been recognized for over 4 thousand years as having an array of health-promoting, disease preventing and life-prolonging properties. Modern scientific research has been verifying many of the healthy properties ancient herbalists have known for centuries. Tulsi is most commonly prepared as a simple tea and is often blended with other herbs for both medicinal and culinary purposes.

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Herbal Infusions are not classically defined as “true” teas, since herbs are used, not the tea plant, Camellia Sinenses. Herbal infusions and Fruit Tisanes are in fact, the same thing – a multitude of flowering plants, fruits, spices which are carefully blended together or used alone to offer flavours that intrigue the palate and aromas that awaken life’s pleasurable memories. Flavors may range from minty to malty and spicy to earthy. They are soothing and refreshing and most often, naturally caffeine-free.

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